About Us

Our Philosophy:

We want our pets food as simple and natural as possible.

It’s a simple idea; look to nature for what is best for our pets. That’s why we use fresh, natural, whole ingredients, all thoughtfully selected.
When you read our labels, what you see is what you get!

*All of our meats come from USDA inspected American farmers we trust.
*Our vegetables and fruits come from regional suppliers.
*All ingredients – including our whole food supplements – are mostly sourced from the US. Turmeric is from India, Oregano is from Mexico, and Hemp Seed Oil is from Canada.

You’ll see wholesome ingredients in our recipes that you recognize and could eat yourself. We only use food approved for human consumption.

Our process is simple; grinding fresh meat, bone, and vegetables in our temperature-controlled kitchen and vacuum sealing them for freshness in BPA-free plastic. We lock in your foods’ freshness and make each one pound pouch convenient to store and serve. We don’t need added preservatives; we freeze everything to ensure all the goodness.

Why we make minimally processed foods.

Heavily processed foods can lose much of their nutritional value, requiring synthetic nutrients added back in, plus unhealthy, unnecessary fillers. Many ingredients in mass-produced pet foods began as products “not deemed for human consumption” from the meat and grain industries. When converted into pet food, these ingredients often require high heat and pressure which destroys any nutritional value so they must add a vitamin pack—and finally adding preservatives and flavors to make them palatable.

Our Facility:

We believe in using fresh, high-quality ingredients, thoughtfully crafted recipes, and minimally processed. We are committed to wholesome, nutritious foods for your pet. It’s as simple as that.

We started by looking for a great location. This meant identifying where the best fresh ingredients were found and plan to be close to the source. We wanted chicken as one of our main ingredients. We knew our new factory had to be close to North Georgia, one of the largest producers of chickens in the world.

Our purposely designed production facility was a year and a half in the making. It took eight months to build all new equipment to our standards and delivered it to our new temperature-controlled kitchen. We mix our ingredients by hand in small batches.

And the heavy work done by our new machines, capable of grinding hundreds of pounds of food in minutes.
New equipment is more than a luxury – it helps us ensure the safety of all our products. Sanitation and hygiene are critical; the design of our equipment meets the NSF/ANSI food equipment standards so we can be confident of the quality of our products.

We stand behind everything we do and are incredibly proud of our range of products for dogs and cats.